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Caring for you and for natureBack

Caring for you and for nature

From growing the oats to developing different textures to meet your skin’s every need, we strive to respect and preserve precious nature, to which we owe so much.

Find out how, through 7 words that encapsulate our approach and do good.

NATURALNESS – Utilizing the Rhealba® Oat


A Dermatological crop with naturally beneficial properties



The Rhealba® Oat is a naked white spring oat. It is the only variety of its kind in the world, cultivated exclusively by A-DERMA.  

As a result, it commits us to supporting sustainable development.




Following 20 years of research, A-DERMA Dermatological Laboratories discovered that the Rhealba® Oat was one of the most concentrated in soothing molecules. This variety was therefore selected out of 26,000 oat varieties on earth.




The Rhealba® Oat has rebalancing, soothing and restorative properties.

These properties are particularly beneficial for protecting and caring for FRAGILE SKIN(1) affecting the whole family, from infants to seniors.




A-DERMA has 5 patents(2) for the Rhealba® Oat.
From cultivation to the finished products, nothing is left to chance in bringing you the best that nature has to offer.



(1) Fragile skin is unbalanced skin, which is less resistant to environmental damage. This vulnerable skin type is more easily permeable and irritable. (2) Patents pending.


AUTHENTICITY – Ethical production in South West France


1- Production is respectful of the land and natural for humans


The Rhealba® Oat is grown in full compliance with Organic Farming standards

to protect the soil, the plant, your health and the environment.



2- Meticulous and profoundly challenging cultivation

The Rhealba® Oat is cultivated in short cycles, so as to preserve the plant's soothing properties.

Ten to twelve weeks after having been sown, the concentration of active molecules reaches its peak. Harvesting can begin.


To preserve all the active molecules used in caring for you, two requirements must be met:

1) Everything must be harvested in 10 days.

2) After the harvest, the Plantlets must be dried within the hour.


3- Short-cycle production 

The fields where this white and pure oat grows are located in the heart of South West France. From sowing the seeds to the finished product, the Rhealba® Oat is produced exclusively in short food supply chains in South West France(1). We control all the manufacturing steps for our products and minimize our environmental impact.

This production conforms to the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre initiative (recognised by the EFQM® European label(2)).

It was introduced to combat the depletion of plant resources and contribute to their preservation, while assuring you of top quality and entirely safe products.

(1) 100% of our A-DERMA products are produced in France (92% in South West France). (2) The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM®) label offers a total quality management framework with continuous improvement.



TRANSPARENT – Offering formulas with nothing to hide


Our Clean & Green charter assures you of effective care products and complete transparency regarding the ingredients that go into them

All you need to know about our formulas:

  • Everything is made using the organically farmed Rhealba® Oat.
  • An innovative, safe and effective plant-based active ingredient.
  • Only ingredients that are beneficial to the skin and mostly of natural origin.
  • Avoidance of recognized allergenic raw materials and formulated to minimize the risks of allergic reactions.
  • First and foremost, free of fragrances and dyes for the most fragile skin types.
  • Physiological or neutral pH for the skin is a priority – meaning soap-free for hygiene products(1).
  • Non-comedogenic.

Through this charter, A-DERMA commits:

• To enrich each new formula with ingredients of natural origin!

• To improve the naturalness of each of our products.

In 2018, 53% of our products were between 85% and 100% natural.

In 2023, 70% of our products will be more than 85% natural.

Case in point: our EXOMEGA CONTROL care products contain 95% ingredients of natural origin.


To assure you that 100% of the rinse-off products are completely biodegradable.

 (1) Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar excluded.


HUMANE – Committed to working with the most fragile skin types


1- To provide well-being

A-DERMA supports and finances the Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis.

Atopic Dermatitis is a severe form of eczema characterized by intense and persistent itchiness that can produce lesions and secondary infections.

Created by Pierre Fabre Laboratories in 2006, the Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis acts to further the research and clinical studies on this little-known condition.

A-DERMA is a founding member and also supports actions aimed at improving care for people affected by this condition.


2- To restore self-esteem

Shining a spotlight on those suffering from a skin condition is the aim of an exhibition by photographer Guillaume Oliver.

By supporting this project, A-DERMA invites everyone to reflect upon the impacts and the need to comfort those men, women and children affected day-to-day.



3- To protect the most vulnerable


Every year since 1979, the Secours Populaire has taken children who aren’t going on holiday to spend a day at the seaside.

To protect their skin from the sun, A-DERMA gave the day-trippers A-DERMA PROTECT sun care products.


RESPONSIBLE – Acting to protect our ecosystem


1- Eco-friendly packaging


  • boxes made from paper and board from sustainable and responsibly managed forests.
  • vegetable-based inks are used on our boxes.
  • our packaging is 100% free from PVC and phthalates.

Goodbye paper leaflets!

None of the new A-DERMA products will have paper leaflets inside the boxes(1).

(1) Except for the Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar and Dermatological Cleansing Bar, where the leaflet is required on the grounds of industrialization.


2- Sensible management of resources

We are constantly working to save water and to this end, we are prepared to rethink our facilities and production methods as necessary.

For 4 years, our factory (Soual, 81) has been involved in an experimental HEQ® approach(1) and reduced by:

- 32% our use of water,

- 9% our primary energy consumption(2) for making the same quantity of products.



Our factory is 80% powered by renewable energy:

99% of the waste from the manufacturing plant for A-DERMA products is recycled.(3)


(1) HEQ® is a voluntary initiative for the construction, renovation or operation of any building. It reflects a balance between environmental compliance, quality of life and economic performance though a global approach. (2) Primary energy is the form of energy found in nature before processing: wood, coal, natural gas, oil, wind, solar radiation, hydropower, geothermal energy, etc. (3) Excluding sludge from water treatment plants.


3- Initiatives to improve for the local environment

Made up of trees and shrubs, the hedgerows are rich environments for many species and protect the land from the wind and the soil from runoff.

However, France has lost around 500,000 km of hedgerows since the early 80s.

A-DERMA is committed to supporting the development of rural hedgerows for 20 years through its backing of the Climat Local® (Local Climate) project.

The program offers to offset greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be reduced or avoided by helping to develop rural hedgerows.


4- An area in harmony with the flora and fauna

The Rhealba® Oat seeds are grown organically around Terre d'Avoine, the birthplace of our brand in the Tarn, near the commune of Puylaurens. To preserve this setting, numerous measures are in place to promote biodiversity.


In partnership with the Bird Protection League, A-DERMA strives to protect birds

and maintain their habitat across Terre d’Avoine.




The presence of wild bees is an indicator of the health of the natural environment.

That is why Terre d’Avoine welcomes and monitors the little sentinels and is committed to improving farming practices.




Terre d’Avoine is a testament to biodiversity; In 2017,

no less than 17 new plant species were identified.



5- A certified sustainable development approach

A-DERMA belongs to Pierre Fabre Laboratories, a company committed to a Sustainable Development action recognised by outside organisations.

• We have achieved the Level of Excellence in maturity and performance regarding social responsibility.

We are ISO certified:

• Our key active ingredient, the Rhealba® Oat is produced at our factory in Gaillac, which is ISO 14001 certified(1) (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001 certified(2) (safety management). 

• Our products(3) are manufactured at an ISO 9001 certified(4) [quality management] and ISO 14001 certified factory.


(1) ISO 14001 is a standard that defines the criteria for an environmental management system. (2) OHSAS 18001 is a standard that allows companies and other entities to identify risk factors in order to address them. (3) 92% of ADERMA products. (4) ISO 9001 certification is an international standard, a guide for the management and organization of a company.


EFFECTIVENESS – Clinical tests for effective products


1- A precise and stringent approach

Before you can enjoy their benefits, each of our products must successfully pass 6 tolerance and effectiveness tests







2- Recognized by health professionals

Today, A-DERMA Dermatological Laboratories are the preferred partner of over 45,000 doctors worldwide. 

We owe this recognition to the rigorousness of our approach, inspired by the pharmaceutical industry.

All our products are tested and approved by clinical studies. 



SAFETY – To guarantee total peace of mind


1- The use of sterile cosmetics

Because atopy-prone skin is more fragile and more often than not belongs to children, our emollient care products are developed using the same technology as sterile cosmetics. 

Every aspect is designed with the highest respect for the skin, to ensure less risk of allergies:

Solely ingredients that are beneficial to the skin,

A sterilised formula with no preservatives

— Exclusive protective packaging.

This patented(1) technology is unique in the world and exclusive to Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

(1) Patents pending.


2- Application of the cosmetovigilance rules

Cosmetovigilance ensures the careful monitoring of side effects that could result from the use of our products after being placed on the market.

We have followed its rules rigorously for 23 years, well before the legal obligation imposed by European regulations.


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