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How to get through the winter in complete comfort with fragile skin?Back

How to get through the winter in complete comfort with fragile skin?

Tips and the right A-DERMA skin care-hygiene products for making it through the winter in complete comfort!

Thanks to its specially designed products for fragile skin, A-DERMA helps you make it through the winter in cocooning mode.

Daily tips for making it through the winter calmly:

• Avoid cleansing products containing soap and detergents, which cause dryness.
• Use physiological pH products.
• Minimise your exposure to the wind, sun and water, particularly hot water.
• Wear cotton clothing, which is less irritating than wool.
• Cleanse your face every evening, even if you aren't wearing any make-up, in order to remove the impurities that accumulate on the skin.
• After showering or bathing, take the time to dry yourself off well by patting your skin with the towel instead of rubbing.
• Always stay hydrated.
• Opt for a diet rich in vegetables, fish and vegetable oils such as olive oil and rapeseed oil so that your receive a maximum of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids essential to good “inner” hydration.

A-DERMA products to help your fragile skin make it through the winter in complete comfort:

• 1 Amazing make-up remover: Milky texture to cushion the skin from rubbing and micellar technology to eliminate impurities in the wink of an eye--this lotion’s dual innovation reconciles fragile skin with make-up removal.
Sensifluid Cleansing Micellar Lotion

• 2 Intelligent moisturisers: Cells no longer have time to dehydrate. The plant sugars contained in Rhealba® Oat Plantlets trap water in the skin like sponges and disperse it continuously throughout the day. To satisfy all needs, this formula comes in light or rich textures, with or without SPF.
Hydralba 24h and Hydralba 

• 3 SOS Repair: With this “SOS” cream for the whole family relieves small scrapes and scratches on fragile skin--it’s the tube for winter! Goodbye redness and irritation! Try as a cream or travel-friendly stick.

• 4 Brilliant balm: The 100% natural wax and matte finish have made this ultra-moisturising epidermal repair stick a success for dry, chapped lips.
Lip Stick

• 5 Shower gel: This gel’s formula prevents drying and nourishes intensely. Physiological pH, lipid-enriched agents and soothing Rhealba® Oat.
Ultra-Rich Shower Gel

• 6 In-shower oil: Babies, children or adults, for all extremely dry skin, nutritive oil that cleanses without drying. Another plus: it's not slippery.
Exomega Emollient Cleansing Oil

• 7 “Ready to wear” lotion: Absorbed as soon as it’s applied, this lotion with dry-feel technology moisturises 24 hours non-stop.
Moisturising Body Lotion

• 8 Anti-drying cream: A comforting, intensely nutritive cream that restores the skin barrier and comforts the driest skin.
Xera-Mega Confort

• 9 Soothing balm: The richest of textures to defy winter and restore the smile to your most fragile skin.
Exomega Balm

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